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Volunteer Opportunities

The IVH Volunteer Services is a great program with a tradition of quality service to veterans.  Volun­teers are persons 12 years of age or older who are registered with the Vol­unteer Service Department and per­form volunteer duties under the direction of IVH. The individual's desire to serve and his/her ability to fulfill the require­ments of the particu­lar volunteer position will be the fac­tors consid­ered. Volunteer Services directs volunteers and groups where their services are needed.  It provides orientation and training for volunteers. Both individual and group activities are credited to the organi­za­tion through our computerized volun­teer records system, and indi­vidual volunteers are eligible for a variety of awards and recognition. 

Each year hundreds of people, working individually or through their veterans and community or­gani­zations, are providing thou­sands of hours of service to veterans.  Without the help of volun­teers, IVH could not pro­vide the quality of healthcare it offers Iowa's veterans today. 

You are invited to become a part of our IVH team as a volunteer. The gift of you can make a difference to our residents: to their spirits, their health, and their general well-being. The veterans have served all of us through their military duty. They have fought battles, manned defenses and, often, made great sacrifices for us. As they and their spouses enter the personal battles of disability, illness, and old age, it is our turn to serve them. 

Currently Seeking Volunteers for the Following Areas

Visiting with an IVH resident

Providing support, friendship and encouragement while going for a stroll, talking, reading, writing letters, playing games, getting a snack at the Canteen or going to the Library to check out a book or DVD. 

​Escorting residents

Taking residents to Chapel services or to their scheduled workshops in Arts & Crafts or Ceramics. 

Assisting at Recreation Activities

Helping our residents attend and participate at in-house recreational activities such as bingo games, dances, musical performances and special meals, and off-grounds recreation such as trips to athletic events, the zoo, museums, Botanical Center, IMAX Theater and shopping. 

Library Volunteer

Assists in the Library by helping patrons find and check out books and other items as well as checking in materials and straightening shelves. 

Gift Shop Assistant

Assisting the Gift Shop staff by helping customers, handling sales, operating cash register, and restocking shelves 

Becoming a Volunteer

Complete an application and submit it to the IVH Volunteer Services Office. 

The Director of Volunteer Services will conduct a background check through the DCI and the Abuse Registry, as well as obtaining three personal references.  Each new volunteer will receive a volunteer handbook at their volunteer orientation, as well as a volunteer name tag and parking permit.  Additional training will be provided in the volunteer’s area of assignment.  Must be at least 12 years of age to become a registered volunteer. For more information on volunteer opportunities at IVH, contact:

Volunteer Services
1301 Summit Street

Phone: 641-753-4406

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