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You can make a Difference! - Volunteer Opportunities

Downloadable Volunteer Application (PDF format)

Call volunteer services for more information - 641-753-4406

Technology Volunteer Needed

Provide one-to-one help for residents with their Smartphone, tablet, laptop or other devices. We need help showing residents how to use Facebook as well as Skype.


Escort Volunteer

Taking residents to Chapel services, Choir, Arts & Crafts, or Ceramics

Recreation Volunteer

Help our residents attend and participate at in-house recreational activities such as bingo, games, dances, musical performances and special meals as well as off-grounds recreation such as trips to athletic events, the zoo, museums, Botanical Center, IMAX Theater and shopping.

Become a Friend to Vet

What does that mean… volunteers will be a “Friend” to residents that are without family and have few visitors. The volunteer will be asked to come in a few times a month to visit with the resident for a short time providing support, friendship and encouragement while going for a stroll, talking, reading, writing letters, playing games, getting a snack at the Canteen or going to the Library to check out a book or DVD.
Become a FRIEND today—you will get as much out of it as they do!!


  • Giving back to a veteran who protected our freedom
  • Showing a veteran that their sacrifice for our country is not forgotten
  • Taking the time to make a veteran smile
  • Giving attention to a veteran’s spouse to say thank you for the support she has given her husband who served

The veterans have served all of us through their military duty.  They have fought  battles, manned defenses and, often, made great sacrifices for us. As they and their spouses enter the personal battles of disability, illness, and old age, it is our turn to serve them.  

Call volunteer services at 641-753-4406 for more information.



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