Resident Support Services


Every new resident receives an initial hearing evaluation. If medical intervention is warranted, the resident will be referred to the appropriate hospital/clinic. If the resident comes in with his/her own hearing aids, these will be evaluated by the licensed audiologist. For those residents who need and desire amplification, the audiologist will assist them in obtaining the appropriate hearing aids. Batteries are provided, as well as cleaning, maintenance, and repair.

Clinical Dietitian

A Clinical Dietitian is a part of each IVH resident’s healthcare team.   The Clinical Dietitian:

  • Evaluates the resident’s nutritional status, taking into account any medical problems, age, laboratory work, physical capabilities, and personal health and nutrition goals. 
  • Develops and presents options for a plan to the resident and/or family to improve or maintain nutritional status.
  • Educates the resident on how simple changes may lead to a healthy lifestyle. 
    Reassesses every 90 days.  Progress is recognized.  Goals are revised, if desired, for the next 3 months. 
  • Nutrition education is also available in support group settings such as Diabetes Support Group and the new Weight Management Support Group. 


A dentist from the Marshalltown community comes to the Home on a regular basis. Services include tooth repair and extraction, total denture care, and regular checkups of residents' teeth. For more extensive dental care, residents may be sent to facilities outside the Home. Appointments are made through the unit nursing staff or the Nursing Unit Coordinator. The dentist's office is located in the Medical Clinic.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music to accomplish individualized non-musical goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program.   Music therapy can be used to address physical, social, emotional, and cognitive needs at all stages of life including end of life care.  

Occupational Therapy

OT works with residents to attain their highest level of function in activities of daily living skills, despite their disability or illness. Exercise, adaptive equipment, counseling, positioning, etc, are examples of modalities that are used to meet resident needs. Referrals can be made by the residents and/or other clinical staff, but a physician's order is required for diagnostic evaluation and direct therapy, OT with other rehab staff set up restorative programs.  The OT clinic/Rehab is located in the Dack building main floor.

Pharmacy Services

Our Pharmacy staff assist in determining appropriate dosing, times and delivery systems for our residents' medication. Pharmacists are in house to give drug information to the medical staff, nursing, and residents. Orders are received in the pharmacy, and are evaluated by a certified technician and registered pharmacist. 

Physical Therapy

Residents with pain or diseases that hinder movement or the use of arms or legs often benefit from Physical Therapy. A physician's order is necessary to receive Physical Therapy treatments. The Physical Therapy Program is intended to be a short-term, rehab-oriented treatment that will help the residents become as independent as possible or knowledgeable about how to help oneself relieve discomfort and pain. Other levels of therapy include Restorative Nursing and Open Gym which may be appropriate for residents needing maintenance therapy. The Therapy Clinic and Open Gym are located on the first floor of the Dack building.

Respiratory Care

Respiratory Care staff work with residents who have breathing problems, administrating various breathing treatments and tests, as well as providing oxygen to those residents who have this need. A physician's order is necessary to receive services from this department. Respiratory Care is located in the Medical Clinic.

Social Work

Every unit has assigned social workers. Often, social workers are the first line of resource or assistance for a variety of resident's problems, needs, or concerns of a personal, social, or emotional nature. Social workers are directly involved in the preadmission and admission processes. They will provide direct assistance and information about many matters if you choose to select the Iowa Veterans Home as your new place of residence. Social workers can help you maintain connections with your families and friends; they can be useful advocates as you try to get familiar with the system; or, they can simply be a friendly and helpful resource in dealing with daily living, coping, or problem-solving issues.  

Social workers will help with Advance Directives if you become unable to make decisions for yourself, and your wishes will be carried out. Social workers will help you understand Residents' Rights so that you will remain in control of decisions that affect your life.

Social workers will discuss the care planning process with you and your family and will assist you in the fullest participation in your own care plan.  It is their goal to help make the Home as user friendly and as close to home as possible for IVH residents. Social workers at IVH are here to serve you, advocate for you, and help you have the highest quality of life you desire and deserve.

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