Resident Treatment Worker (RTW/CNA)

  • Follows the prescribed plan of care and direction of the RN/LPN, provides direct physical and emotional care to residents: bathing, nails, shampooing hair, oral hygiene, dressing/undressing, applying glasses, hearing aides, dentures, splints, prosthesis, shaving, applying topicals within allowed guidelines, perineal care, linen changes, offers support and encouragement, one to one.
  • Assists with feeding, passing, setting up trays, help residents feed self or totally feed those who cannot feed themselves, giving fluids

Assists with following schedules as prescribed:

  1.  Bowel and bladder program:  ambulating to and from bathroom, transferring to and from commode; positioning/removing bedpan; checking and changing attends; performing measures to ensure resident is clean, dry and odor free.
  2. Repositioning/R.O.M. performed to promote skin integrity, comfort and overall health.  If restraint, safety or positional device used, perform release and exercise of involved extremity.
  3. Transfer and ambulation:  1-2-3 person, mechanical lifts, walker, cane, wheelchair.
  4. Assist residents to appointments.
  • Observes residents; obtains, reports and documents resident data:  T-P-R-BP, I & O, weight, condition changes, response to interventions.
  • Assist with completion of unit/shift assignments:  cleaning responsibilities, marking and storing supplies, checking charts.
  • Attends and participates in staff meetings, inservices, committees, employee organizations.  Follows established agency and department policies/procedures:  QAI, safety, infection control, resident rights, verbal and physical abuse.  Completes other tasks as assigned

Job Title: Resident Treatment Worker

Job Description Summary: Performs basic para-professional nursing or therapeutic work in the care or treatment of residents at a state institution for the elderly, intellectually disabled, or mentally ill; performs related work as required at the Iowa Veterans Home.

Official Job Description - This link opens in a new tab; it is a PDF document maintained by DAS.   

Minimum Qualifications:  No specific education or experience is required. *
* Only applicants who meet the Minimum Requirements and meet selective (116 - CERTIFIED NURSE AIDE/ORDERLY) will be placed on the eligible list.

Current openings at the Iowa Veterans Home

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