Nurse Clinician or Nurse Specialist


  • Collaborates with other VA healthcare settings, hospitals, or nursing homes to ensure continuity of care with admission, transfer, or discharge.
  • Promotes effective communication among healthcare team members, resident/family, and outside agencies
  • Participates in team meetings when indicated.
  • Provides routine verbal and written documentation of assessments and progress related to plan of care.
  • Provides collaboration with purchasing of needed equipment to provide care for residents.
  • When appropriate, aids the IRCC team and resident/family with discharge planning, including home/alternate living assessment, community services, and assessment of needed equipment.
  • Collaborates with facility Wheelchair Clinic so that rehab principles are implemented and adhered to.
  • Serves as a liaison with nursing and Rehab Services so that resident's individual care planning is carried out.

Establishment of Plans of Care 

  • Establishes realistic goals to achieve optimal outcomes for the resident.  This is done in collaboration with the resident/family, IRCC team, available therapies, and with exploration of available resources.
  • Assists the resident/family and IRCC team to identify the variables that may influence the accomplishment of goals.
  • Assists the IRCC team in developing a comprehensive plan that includes restorative, maintenance, and prevention rehabilitation principles


  • Provides ongoing assessment of the resident.
  • Coordinates access to alternative care options/settings when appropriate.
  • Coordinates access to appropriate government and community resources when appropriate.
  • Provides instruction to the resident/family based on identified learning needs.
  • In collaboration with the IRCC team, explores and facilitates discharge planning and education.
  • Oversight given, through case review, to the application of nursing process (including critical thinking) and nursing/medical management of resident care  

Assessments and data collection 

  • Reviews and analyzes resident information in consultation with resident/family, IRCC team, or    legal representative.
  • Assesses the resident's personal and medical history, current status, diagnosis, and current    treatment plan.
  • Assesses the resident's/family's learning needs related to health status, diagnosis, treatment    options, psychosocial needs and coping mechanisms.
  • Assesses and reviews pain control plans related to individual rehab programming.
  • Resource to the Admissions Committee for assessment and evaluation of individuals making application to IVH.  Will perform on-site and telephone preadmission screenings when needed to determine appropriate level of care.
  • Assesses resident status as to any special equipment needs and makes recommendations.  Compiles data as to equipment, costs, and methods in purchasing equipment

Data Analysis 

  • Identifies, temporary or permanent, alterations in function that have resulted from injury or illness.
  • Identifies the learning needs of the resident/family
  • Monitors and reports individual cases or trends that may lead to negative resident outcome.


  • Participates in conferences that provide ongoing evaluation of interdisciplinary dynamics, goal attainment, and treatment plan revision.
  • Develops systems to measure the impact of programs on individuals and the organization.
  • Addresses the staff development and in-service educational needs of individuals and groups related to resident care and rehab programming.
  • Designs educational offerings and learning experiences based on current nursing theory and standards of rehab nursing practice

Quality Assurance 

  • Participates in facility quality assurance programming
  • Provides outcome data.
  • Develops programs consistent with organizational philosophy, purposes, and goals.
  • Maintains knowledge and assists the facility in compliance with regulatory agencies.
  • Participates to develop and implement Plans of Correction.
  • Uses quality improvement techniques to evaluate the effectiveness of educational activities. 
  •  Participates in interdisciplinary committees within the facility and agency.
  • Assists in the monitoring of accuracy related to RAI coding


Job Description Summary: Provides advanced professional nursing as a staff clinician and educator in a health care facility or performs registered nursing direct care duties at Iowa Veteran’s Home and is assigned to one of the clinician specialty functions in addition to these duties; as a charge nurse for an entire non-health care oriented agency; or as a public health clinician in a nursing specialty, employing clinical expertise in public health program areas and providing technical assistance to client-centered agencies; performs related work as required.

Official Job Description - This link opens in a new tab; it is a PDF document maintained by DAS.

Minimum Qualifications:  Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelors degree in Nursing or a specialty area listed below and experience equal to one year of full-time professional clinical experience in one of the nursing specialties listed in the selective certification section or in a correctional environment.

Current openings at the Iowa Veterans Home

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