Mental Health Services at the Iowa Veterans Home

The Mental Health (MH) Bureau provides mental health services at the Iowa Veterans Home (IVH).  These services consist of Psychology, Psychiatry and Mental Health Nursing and can be requested for residents by the medical care provider, nurse or social worker.  MH providers utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to mental/emotional wellness by providing a range of services including education, support, assessment and treatment. They meet weekly to fully coordinate mental healthcare and they also communicate frequently with the medical care providers and members of the IRCC teams. These services can be offered either individually or in group settings and include the following:

Mental Health Nurse

The MH Nurse works closely with the frontline staff to develop more effective methods of providing support to residents who are experiencing psychological difficulties or confusion.  The MH Nurse helps coordinate services for in-house mental health services and outside mental healthcare treatment and in some cases, may meet individually with residents to provide direct emotional support. 


The Psychologists provide support to residents who may be experiencing emotional difficulties or confusion. This support may come in the form of individual psychotherapy (talk therapy), family assistance, group therapy, or staff assistance. They also administer tests to help the treatment team determine whether or not a resident is capable of making personal or financial decisions. 

Psychiatrist and Psychiatric Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner

They are primarily responsible for monitoring psychiatric medication use and may also provide support and education to residents, families and staff.




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