Services Provided

Services at the Iowa Veterans Home

Each resident is assigned a staff physician or physician's assistant or nurse practitioner, registered nurse, social worker, recreation therapist, and a dietitian as the resident's core treatment planning team. 

Clinical Services

The following clinical services are available at no additional charge when provided by IVH staff: medical, nursing, dental, social work, substance abuse counseling, psychological, pharmaceutical, podiatry, optometry, audiology, recreational services, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, chaplain services, nutritional services, dermatology, respiratory care, pulmonary care consults, psychiatry consults, lab, x-ray, telemetry, and incentive therapy. IVH reserves the right to receive the revenue from any medical reimbursement resource for which the resident/patient is eligible. 

Items Provided At No Extra Charge

The following items are provided at no additional charge: Wheelchairs; walkers; prosthesis (including dentures); orthosis (e.g. braces); eyeglasses (one [1] pair per year or as prescription changes); hearing aids (with one [1] time replacement as determined by diagnostic testing); immunizations; healthcare supplies; oxygen; nutritional supplements; and medications as prescribed (prescription and non-prescription items available in IVH formulary).

Transportation to Hospitals

Transportation to and from Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers in Iowa City or Des Moines; University of Iowa Hospitals; and the local hospital will be provided for appointments and admissions as scheduled by IVH. The resident/patient or legal representative may consult and accept treatment from a private hospital, physician, or other healthcare provider of the resident's/patient's or legal representative's choice. 


Arrangements/appointments made by the resident/patient or legal representative will be made the financial responsibility of the resident/patient or legal representative. The private practitioner cannot provide services at IVH. 

Non-Clinical Services

The following non-clinical services are available at no additional charge by IVH staff: Cashiers/banking services; financial advice/bill paying assistance; and assistance in applying for federal, state, and non-governmental entitlements. 

Room and Board and services as deemed necessary to meet the healthcare needs of the resident/patient will be provided, including linens.

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