Spiritual and Religious Life

A priority at the Iowa Veterans Home

Meeting the spiritual and religious needs of the residents is a priority of the IVH.   Residents come to IVH from a variety of religious traditions and spiritual backgrounds.  Those beliefs and practices which are sacred to residents are respected and encouraged as residents make their home at IVH. 


The IVH has a beautiful chapel, The Veterans Memorial Chapel, located at the southwest corner of the Malloy building on the main floor.  The chapel was completed in 1978.  Prior to its construction, services were held in Whitehill Auditorium and various locations around the IVH.  The chapel features a drop brick architecture and stained glass panels.  The chapel is used for several services each week as well as for personal prayer and meditation. 

Chaplains and Priest

IVH employs full time Chaplains along with a priest who serves on a part time basis.  The chaplains balance their time between meetings with residents and family one-on-one and scheduled activities in the chapel or throughout the facility.  Chaplains have the opportunity to provide on-going support for residents. Regardless of the faith background of the resident, chaplains are available for pastoral care.


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