Rooms at the Iowa Veterans Home

Furnished Rooms

The Iowa Veterans Home provides a bed, desk/dresser combination, chair, and lamp.  All resident rooms include a bathroom.

In the Heinz Hall, Malloy Building, and Dack Care Facility buildings, one of the drawers has a lock. The key to this drawer may be obtained from the Nursing Unit Coordinator (NUC).

Snapshots of a room.

Personalize your room

Residents may bring their own furniture such as a lamp, favorite chair, small table, or computer.  Residents can have a portable television which will be hooked up to cable TV services.  In some units the Iowa Veterans Home supplies the TV.  Basic cable channels are provided for no charge.  Small refrigerators are allowed on a conditional basis.

Because of the limited space in resident rooms, it might be wise to check with staff before any furniture is moved in.

Bookshelves are supplied for resident books or knickknacks.


Pictures are allowed, but a maintenance representative should be called in to hang the pictures.  Please coordinate this with the Nursing Unit Coordinator (NUC).

Secured Storage

If needed, a small secured storage area is provided for seasonal clothes or other personal items.    

Room Repair

Resident requests for room repairs should be made through a Nursing Unit Coordinator (NUC).  The NUC will notify the proper department.

Room Cleanliness

Domestic Services (housekeeping) mops the floors daily; however, IVH requests that residents keep their rooms clean and neat.

Items that are not allowed

  • Rugs
  • Appliances with heating elements, such as, electric blankets, recliners with functioning heating elements, coffee pots, toasters

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