Mission Statement

To provide a continuum of care to Iowa’s veterans and their spouses in an environment focusing on individualized services to enhance their quality of life.

Honored to Serve 

What an honor it is to serve the veterans, their spouses, and all the members of the Iowa Veterans Home (IVH) community. We are grateful to our 565+ residents for their commitment to protect our freedoms and to our 1000+ IVH and ABM staff for their continued dedication and superior care they provide to Iowa's heroes. 

IVH opened its doors to Iowa veterans and their spouses in 1887 as the Iowa Soldiers Home. From that time, the Home has belonged to the people of Iowa, guided by the Iowa Legislature and the Iowa Commission of Veterans Affairs.

Today, IVH is one of the largest of the 153 state-owned facilities for veterans in the nation. As in the past, IVH maintains its loyalty and dedication to American veterans. We are a true community, comprised of our residents, staff, volunteers and visitors. The beautiful campus spans almost 150 acres, with six main Nursing Care buildings (to include memory care) and one Residential Care building.  Planning ahead, we are preparing to fully implement the person-centered care philosophy. The concept provides expanded opportunities for the resident to participate more with decision-making, socializing, and with their own care. IVH staff began embracing this philosophy in 2006. Our Staff continue efforts toward more individualized care for each resident based upon their needs and wants. We invite you to visit the Iowa Veterans Home to learn more about our history, present conditions, and plans for the future.

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