Levels of Care

Residential (Domiciliary) Care 

Residential Care is where the resident cares for his/her own needs, with the exception of meals which are provided in a central dining room. These residents generally need minimal assistance with daily living activities.  Medical and nursing supervision are available on regular and frequent, but not continuous, basis. At this level of care, we offer both individual rooms and couples rooms. The individual rooms share a bathroom with one additional resident. Couples rooms have a bathroom which is shared by the spouse or roommate. 

Nursing Care (Nursing Home Care)

Nursing Care residents require ongoing nursing supervision and/or assistance in one or all areas of physical needs and activities of daily living. Care ranges from total assistance in all daily living needs to supervision of one or two care needs. Upon admission, each resident is assigned a category of care dependent upon each resident's capabilities. Medical care is available on a regular and frequent, but not continuous, basis. At this level of care we offer both individual and couples rooms. All rooms have a private bathroom for each individual room. 


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