Emergency Operations Plan

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Emergency Operations Plan 

CMS Standard E-0035
(Issued in 17)
The LTC facility must develop and maintain an emergency preparedness communication plan that complies with Federal, State and local laws and must be reviewed and updated at least annually. The communication plan must include all of the following:
(8) A method for sharing information from the emergency plan, that the fa-cility has determined is appropriate, with residents and their families or representatives.

Safety Comes FIRST!

At the Iowa Veterans Home (IVH) Emergency Preparedness is one of the functions of the Safety Committee to ensure the safety of all during emergencies. 

One of the first tasks with Emergency Preparedness is completing a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA) which identifies areas that need improvement. We mitigate any known weaknesses, and review our Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). To further reduce safety hazards the committee conducts safety audits for all areas twice yearly.

At IVH we complete quarterly fire drills for all buildings and all shifts to ensure our staff are responding appropriately to fire emergencies.  During a fire drill, staff will move residents out of the fire drill area to practice evacuation and complete fire plan responsibilities.

We complete annual tornado drills in the spring to ready ourselves for weather emergencies.  During severe weather season, trained staff will shelter our residents in designated safe areas.  You may ask staff where the designated safe area is located when visiting IVH. 

Annually, we conduct a major disaster drill with our local community emergency responders to test our emergency response systems.

Other Emergency Operations Plan Annexes Include:

-Evacuation and “Sheltering in Place”

-Severe Weather


-Crisis Response Team

-Bomb Threat

-Bio-Terror Response


-Lockdown Alert

-All Hazards

In the event that IVH would need to relocate, staff will implement the Continuity of Operations/ Continuity of Government (COOP/COG) plan to coordinate emergency relocation with other partners and agencies. 

This plan is the framework in the event of a complete evacuation from the Iowa Veterans Home facility.

Coordination with Other Outside Resources:

-We have Memorandums of Understanding (MOU’s) in place with other facilities to provide housing for displaced residents.
-This plan is coordinated with community resources, the city, county, and state emer-gency management with planned drills and meetings.
-The EOP has procedures for identifying residents during relocation to include how to care for the resident and supplies such as medications to be transported.
-This fact sheet is available for all residents and their families.
-Families will be notified about evacuations as soon as reasonably possible. Families may assist by offering shelter for their loved-one.
-Family members can meet the residents at a designated shelter location.
-Family members can call the IVH Switch-board at 641-752-1501 or 641-485-0752 to get information.
-Family members have the right to evacu-ate their loved-one on their own and move them to a special needs shelter, if they choose.


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