Current Needs

Donation Information

Thank you so much for thinking of us. Many residents here rely on the generosity of the individuals and organizations who graciously donate to them. We currently have over 500 residents with a variety of needs. 

1. How to donate:


  • Please check our current needs by calling 641-753-4406 or see below for items listed. 
  • Please notify Volunteer Services of your donation ahead of time by calling 641-753-4406
  • Please send/deliver to:  
    1301 Summit St.
    Marshalltown, IA  50158
    Include organization and/or name of person donating, a complete address, phone number and monetary value (if you wish to assign one).
  • Monetary donations are always welcome for our Christmas Fund and our Recreation Fund. Please make out checks to the Iowa Veterans Home and send to
    Volunteer Services
    1301 Summit St.
    Marshalltown, IA  50158

2. Items Currently Needed

  • Word Search, “Fill-it-in”, and Variety puzzle books
  • Men’s aftershave/cologne (no aerosol)
  • Full size personal care items (shampoo, deodorant, men's body wash)
  • Candy bars – full size & snack size
  • Individually wrapped snack items (“Little Debbie” snacks, chips, cookies)  
  • Microwave popcorn
  • Cans of soda pop (diet & regular)
  • Bottles of ketchup and mustard
  • Forever Postage Stamps
  • Used tennis balls for bottom of walkers
  • Heavy material to make bags to hold wheelchair pedals
  • Men's cloth Handkerchiefs (NEW-white)
  • Large Print Playing Cards
  • Adult Coloring Books
  • Newspaper and Magazine Subscription Funds-Funds needed to buy subscriptions for the units and the Library
  • NEW CLOTHING DONATIONS:  Only new clothing will be accepted. Primarily XL and above  (as large as 5X) 
    Tennis Shoes (Size 10 mens), Tee Shirts w/Pocket, Underwear, Gloves, Coats, Socks, Long Sleeved Undershirts, Sweat pants, Sweat Shirts, Pajamas, are especially needed
  • iTunes gift cards for Music Program
  • Relaxation, country and big band CDs
  • Country, big band and patriotic songbooks
  • Money – earmarked for dorm refrigerators, artworkd, recliners, and lift chairs
  • Popcorn for Tuesday Popcorn Program (white regular popcorn – not microwave)
  • Craft Items - Dry erase markers, colored pencils,  simple snap on models, paint or color by number,  modeling clay, canvases, acrylic and watercolor paints, temper paints,  any kids or simple art projects, fabric, sewing machine thread, old jewelry/beads

3. We do Not Accept

  • Used clothing
  • Trial sized or used personal care items - (shampoo, deodorant, body wash, lotion)

NOT needed at this time:

  •  Lap blankets, playing cards, books, combs, toothpaste or toothbrushes.

Large Item Needs

Our priority needs as of right now are the following: 

1. General Memorial Fund, Acct 135. Purpose: This is a fund set up for direct needs for IVH residents as they come up. Funding will be placed in either a “restricted” or “unrestricted” account.

2. Special Activities Account, Acct 106. Purpose:  Our recreation therapists support over 550 veterans and spouses on a daily basis. Many of their activities come at a cost and in order to maintain the scheduled activities we are asking for monetary donations.  This account provides admission to outside recreational activities. Also, the funds are for in-house recreational events as well such as special meals, prizes for bingo, entertainers, phone cards, plants for resident garden boxes, resident bowling program, ponchos (for residents) and Tuesday popcorn program. 

3. Television (Flat Screen) 32”. Purpose: The goal of the IVH leadership is to provide and maintain a 32" Television (Flat Screen) for all residents in the facility. There is a need to store four to five 32" Televisions (Flat Screen) to replace unserviceable televisions. 

4. Funding Court Yard Remodel, Acct 179. Purpose: As a state agency we are not authorized to use general funds for general area beautification. Our courtyard landscape design master plan has been approved. We are currently taking monetary donations for this remodeling effort. If you would like to make a donation please contact the Commandants Office: Attn: Mike Hines (641) 753-4309 or email: 

5. Library Support. Purpose: Peterson Library is a beautiful area for the residents to visit. The library consists of current DVDs, large print books, newspapers (local & national) 5 x desktop computers, audio books and music CDs. We are asking for monetary donations to ensure that our residents have the most updated material to use. 

6. IPADS/ Resident Computer Support. Purpose: Our goal is ensure that all residents have the opportunity to use computers and technology in each of the facilities unit dayrooms. We are looking for a monetary donation for the support so that we may improve our resident’s ability to communicate. 

7. Musical Instruments. Musical instruments are important in treating a resident's physical, cognitive, or communicative challenges as well as improve a resident's confidence, self-esteem and motivation. We request instruments such as: flutes, clarinets, trumpets, violins, bongo drums for group music activities and we'd like to get some harmonicas for the "jam sessions" we do. If you would like to make a donation of instruments contact Volunteer Services, 641-753-4406, prior to donation. 

8. Commercial Artwork. Purpose: We are looking for funds to purchase commercial artwork for our common areas, day rooms, and household areas. 

9. Adaptive Bicycles. Purpose: We want to purchase four adaptive bicycles for the residents. Two of the bikes will be used to take residents in wheel chairs on a bike ride, and two for residents who could transfer into a special seat and can pedal to their ability along with staff. These bikes are great exercise for residents and good for the spirit as well. 

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