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IVH Small Shield Creative Dementia/Alzheimer Care 

Living Units

Loftus 1 & Sheeler 3 are secure dementia units for veterans requiring unique structuring in a secure environment.  Loftus 1 consists of 37 beds and Sheeler 3 of 41 beds.  Special environmental features include reduction of overhead PA systems, a secured outdoor area, specially trained staff, and activities geared to individual needs and abilities.  Staff receives an additional 6 hours of training annually to meet CCDI requirements.

Gathering Information

There is constant pursuit of information, consulting with colleagues, and evaluating current care approaches to make recommendations for, or initiate changes on these units to provide ongoing care.  Implementation of a new assessment tool is currently in process to more accurately determine staging of dementia and assist in unit placement.  A monthly support group is available for friends and family to attend which also provides education on dementia.


We currently offer an innovative program for Alzheimer and dementia patients called TimeSlips.  Please visit our TimeSlips to learn more about this creative new program. 

Visit TimeSlips



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