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IVH Small Shield Nursing Coordinator (NUC)

The Nursing Unit Coordinator (NUC) is the unit’s secretary and receptionist who works at the nurse’s desk on each unit.  The NUC can be a valuable source of information to residents.

Some of the things a NUC is responsible for:

  • Obtain appointment times for various departments, including podiatrist, optometrist, laboratory, etc.
  • Notify proper personnel for needed repairs, including wheelchairs, reported by both resident and staff
  • Make requests for Canteen books and cigarettes for residents unable to do it themselves
  • Assist with arrangements for furloughs and passes, including obtaining a supply of medication for residents to take along with them
  • Help with shopping needs
  • Arrange for marking of clothing, both on admission and purchase of new items

Official Job Description  - This link opens in a new tab; it is a PDF document maintained by DAS.



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