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IVH Small Shield Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

  • Pass oral medications with appropriate documentation and follow-up; give injections; count narcotics at intershift report.
  • Perform licensed treatments:  accuchecks, tube feedings, sterile treatments, dressings, catherizations, irrigations, nebulizers, TENS.
  •  Provide physical care to residents, e.g.:  bathing, shampooing hair, oral hygiene, dressing, undressing, application of glasses, hearing aides, prosthesis, etc.  Apply topical creams as prescribed, diabetic nail care and foot care
  • Assist with feeding or totally feed those residents who cannot help themselves. 
  • Help residents transfer from bed to wheelchair, to bathroom, etc.  Transfers used are:  1 person, 2 person, 3 person, and mechanical lifts.  I also ambulate residents as prescribed.

  • Throughout the shift, coordinate activities of the unit and make changes as there are changes in resident conditions or in staffing
  • Receive report from the previous shift so will be aware of the current status of residents.  After report, make out work assignments.  Inform them of changes in resident care and/or additional information that is to be obtained
  • Give report to the oncoming shift to make them aware of changes in condition from the normal.
  • Observe changes in residents, gather vital signs, neuro-checks, pulse oxygenation, and reports to RN.  Observe for the effectiveness of treatments or medications and make suggestions for change

Job Title: Licensed Practical Nurse 

Job Description Summary: Under general supervision of a registered nurse or physician, performs practical nursing work; performs related work as required at the Iowa Veterans Home.

Official Job Description - This link opens in a new tab; it is a PDF document maintained by DAS.   

Minimum Qualifications:  Licensure as a Licensed Practical Nurse by the Iowa Board of Nursing or licensure as a Licensed Practical Nurse in accordance with the Nurse Licensure Compact Administrator’s Agreement of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.


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