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Monday , March , 02 2015
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IVH Small Shield Iowa Veterans Home Contacts

 Title and Email Link Contact Phone 
 Commandant   Jodi Tymeson  641-753-4309
 Staff Assistant to the Commandant  Mike Hines  641-753-4309
 Chief Operating Officer  Michael Jarrell  641-750-0952
 Nursing Services Division Administrator  Shauna Callaway  641-753-4451
 Facility Support Services Division Administrator  Penny Cutler-Bermudez  641-753-4352
 Medical Director Bureau Chief  Melissa Bruhl MD  641-753-4429
 Financial Business Services Division Administrator  Michael Jarrell  641-844-6359
 Clinical Support Services Division Administrator  Susan Wilkinson  641-753-4388
 Mental Health Services Bureau Chief  Douglas Steenblock MD  641-753-4437
 Facility Management Bureau Chief/Cemetery  Karen Connell  641-753-4411
 Information Technology Bureau Chief  Rob Buchwald  641-753-4517
 Rehab Services  Lori Reed  641-753-4206
 Pharmacy Services  Phyllis Smith  641-753-4424
 Food Services Bureau Chief  Melissa Sienknecht   641-753-4562
 Safety Officer  Russell J. Pape  641-753-4234
 Volunteer Services  Aimee Deimerly  641-753-4406